Health awareness develops the healthy. Attitude, physical efficiency & mental health etc. protein is mainly required for bodybuilding nutrient high-quality protein is generally animal protein such as eggs milk and meat. Activities of India. The objective is to make sports and physical activity an important part of the daily routine making it a way of life and generating fitness awareness among the masses. The programmers of physical education provide opportunities to participate in various competition develop personality and play important role in the contributing to national development.

          This increases the amount of energy available from the carbohydrate and reduces the amount of stored fat. We should be aware of the communicable disease there are transmitted by direct contact through air, food, water and sometimes through factors. I express my sense of gratitude to the management Nashik Shikshan Prasarak Mandal of University of Pune, UGC and for their help, inspiration and guidance this grant success of the department could not be achieved. Number of teaching posts









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Teaching Experience (Years)

MISS. Pratibha Vasant Sakat

SET, M.ed in (Phy.Educaton) NIS in (Health and Fitness ), B.A.

Physical Director

Physical Education & Sports

4 yr




‘To provide sports activity for the personality development of student with the motto, “SPORTS FOR ALL” and to prepare physical education leaders of a holistic development of body, mind, strong commitment to serving humanity.’


1)    To train recreational competent spiritual enlightened, and committed to being the causes of health, physical education, sports and recreation to be the nation.

2)    To make the student be able to achieve the goal of health and wellness is the quality of on lifestyle.

3)    The student will have many opportunities to participate in a variety of activity, which is physically challenging and mentally stimulating in a wholesome social sound averment.

Strengths:           1) Well equip sport room.

                             2) Department provided outdoor and indoor facilities to the student.

Weaknesses:      1) Most of the Students from a small village that’s why they do not take part in such sports event.

                             2) Most of Student done a part-time job

Opportunities:    1) Job opportunities through sports quota in various dept. Ex. Railway, Bank, Defense.

                             2) To take admission in college sports achievement helps

Challenges:         1) Competition with top-level college.

                             2) Adopt the new trends & technique

Future Plans:      1) To increase the awareness of health in society. (BMI checking)

                             2) To organize Physical Education district Seminar.

                             3) Start intramural competition.


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