Department of Psychology


Year of Establishment: 15 June 2012

Mission Statement:

Psychology is the study of people’s behavior performance and mental operations. It also refers to the application of the knowledge, which can be used to understand events, treat mental health, issues and improve education, employment and relationship.

Subject at general level:




General psychology


Social Psychology


Industrial and organizational psychology


Vision / Goals:

     The students in understanding basic principles of behavior the department is striving for its applications in solving real emotional and social problems like underachievement, povery, violence and crime and mental problems in the community. Department establish a counseling center for solving society various psychological problems.

Faculty Profile:


Name of the faculty



Total experience




Bagawade P. S.

M.A., B.E.D.,M.Phill SET

Asst. Professor

4 Years

M.Phill 2012


Extension Activities:

  Student participation in various activities

  1. Personality Development competition
  2. Group discussion and debates
  3. Poster presentation competition
  4. Visit to fertilizer plant
  5. Students presentation

Future plans:

  1. To start psychology as a special subject at under-graduate level
  2. To organize a state level seminar on psychology
  3. Personality development workshop for students and parents
  4. To organize visits to industry
  5. To organize visits to remand home and old age home

Best Practices

  1. Special guidance scheme for weaker students
  2. Student presentation
  3. Paper cutting collection
  4. Counseling center
  5. PPT presentation


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